Mega Housing conditions

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Fixed capital investment shall be Rs.100/-crore or more.
  2. Minimum quantum of land for residential project should be:
    • 100 Acres in Local Planning Areas in the Chandigarh Periphery Controlled Area in the Punjab portion.
    • Area as per zone wise requirement defined in the Housing & Urban Development Department Memo No.18/182/06-6HG2/5598 dated 17.7.2007
  3. The land should be at single geographical location and shall be developed in Continuity, public services which already exists such as roads, canals, parks etc. Shall not be construed to break the unity and contiguity of the Project.
  4. The Promoter Company along with its Subsidiary Companies and AssociateCompanies, must own at least 50% of the project land at the time of submission of Its proposal to PUDA.
  5. The promoter shal l also submit details of remaining 50% land under the project.
Standard concessions
  1. Mega Housing Projects approved by the Empowered Committee after 17-12-2011 Shall be exempted from the provisions of PAPRA-1995 except Section 5(9), approved by the Empowered Committee prior to 17-12-2011 shall continue to be Section 6 to Section 20, Section 32 and Section 36 to Section 39. However projects exempted from PAPRA 1995 except Section 5(9) and Section 32.
  2. The layout / zoning plan shall be got cleared / approved from the prescribed authority under PAPR Act, 1995. Subsequently, the building plans shall also be got cleared from the prescribed authority under the Punjab Urban Planning Development Authority Building rules, 1995. In case the project falls within any Municipal area, relevant Municipal Laws and Building Rules shall be applicable and Building Plans shall be approved by the Prescribed Authority under these law rules. However, all such clearances may be given by the prescribed authority within 30 days. The clearance / approval so given may be in accordance with any relaxation granted by the Committee.
  3. The land use change may be allowed by the Housing and Urban Development Department within 30 days as per the Master Plan / Draft Master Plan of the relevant area and as per standard Town Planning practice. In case of land falling under Periphery Controlled Area, land use change may only be allowed in accordance with the Periphery Policy of the State Government and in accordance with the draft Zoning / Layout Plan and Master Plan of the Local Planning Areas.
  4. State Govt. may acquire land as per provisions of the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 onrequests by the company at their cost subject to the condition that such acquisition shall be limited to only 10% of total area of the project only to fill the critical gaps. The acquisition may be carried out as per the existing policy of the department of Housing & Urban Development and by their Land Acquisition Collector. The approved land pooling scheme of the concerned Development Authority shall be made applicable on this 10% land to facilitate the acquisition.
  5. The State Govt. may ensure that connectivity to power, roads, accessibility, communication, civic and other infrastructure upto project is provided within 240 days from the date the same is applied for to the concerned department / agency / authority / local body on fulfillment of various terms and conditions required in this regard at such rate/fee etc. which shall not be less favourable to them compared to similarly placed projects / customers.
  6. High-rise buildings may be allowed subject to clearance from Air Safety Regulations, Fire Safety norms and Traffic Movement.
  7. Permission under the provisions of Punjab Mines and Mineral Act may be allowed within the project area for the works pertaining to development of the project on payment of requisite charges.
  8. Permission under the Punjab State Tube well Act, 1954 to dig tube well in the project area for the requirement of the project may be allowed.
  9. The State Govt. may extend the facility of Public Transport system being run by any State Govt. agency to the project area. The State Govt. may also allow them to operate their own public transport system within the project area and also for connecting the project area to the main urban centres nearest to the project area subject to the fulfillment of required terms and conditions in this regard.
  10. The State Govt. may not allow Polluting Industries in the periphery of the project area up to the distance prescribed by PPCB.
  11. The State Govt. may assist them in getting any other facility or requirement for the development of the project.Conditions Precedent for signing of the Agreement After approval of the Project by the Empowered Committee, the investor has to comply with the following :

Promoter shall submit the following documents to fill the LOI conditions

  • Ownership documents for at least 50% of land owned by the company along with its Subsidiary Companies.
  • Documents pertaining to Development Agreements with farmers/land owners for 25% of the land and agreement to sell with land owners to the tune of 15% land having validity of 6 months which shall be bought by the Company within 6 months.
  • The promoter may also submit details and outline of the 10% of land which may be acquired by the Government for Developer, if so requested.
  • Revenue Plan showing contiguity of the project land. General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement
  • The project will have to be completed in Five years from the date of signing of agreement by the Promoter with the State Govt. unless otherwise extended for further period of not more than one year by the Govt. on request of Promoter for reasons to be recorded in writing. (Completion means development and functioning of all essential services like roads, water supply system, sewerage system, electricity, landscaping etc. so as to make the area fit for habitation and obtaining occupation certificate by the promoter from the concerned Development Authority within the stipulated time limit of the project)
  • The company shall recruit employable persons from State of Punjab to the maximum possible extent and shal l also employ, wherever required, security personnel trained by the State Government Agencies.
  • The company will adhere to the siting guidelines and conditions of PPCB and obtain Change of Land Use (CLU) as per the condition of Deptt. of Town & Country Planning.
  • The company shall be liable to provide every information in respect of the project asand when demanded by the Government of Punjab.
  • They will have to pay external development charges, license/ permission fee, conversion charges at the rates, notified by the Housing and Urban Development Department from time to time.
  • The project shall not be advertised/launched and no money will be collected from general public for allotment of land/plot/flat/any space till such time the layout/zoning plans are cleared from the competent authority and exemption u/s 44 of PAPRA is issued by the Government.
  • The exemption under PAPRA shall be granted only after the Promoter Company fulfils all the pre-conditions required to be fulfilled as per the agreement executed by the promoter with the Government and acquires ownership of at least 50% of the project land and development agreements with far mers/land owners for 25% of the land and agreement to sell with the land owners to the tune of 15%.