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1 Amendment of Building Bye Laws / Norms of group Housing and Multiplex CTP-(LG)-ATP(G) -2007/35 01-19-2007 Download
2 Scrutiny of Petrol Pump/Filling Station cases. 1795-1814-CTP (Pb)/ SP-25 08-05-2004 Download
3 scrutiny of Petrol Pumps/Filling Stations. 1649-68-CTP (Pb)SP-25 03-22-2005 Download
4 Issuance of N.O.C to petrol pump filling station. 18/24/2004-1HG2/3944 05-18-2006 Download
5 Issue of N.O.C for Petrol Pumps. 7/43/063 B (3) 06-11-2007 Download
6 Guidelines for setting of Petrol Pumps in Rural Areas in Kisan Sewa Kandra Scheme. 3945-62-CTP (Pb)/SP-25 08-31-2007 Download
7 Regarding License / permission fee, EDC and CLU charges in case of Petrol Pumps and Gas Godowns. 17/17/1/5HG2/343-48 01-11-2008 Download
8 CLU, Layout Plan, Building Plan Volume 1 Download
9 CLU, Layout Plan, Building Plan Volume 2 Download
10 Department of Town and country Planning , Punjab ( Regarding Building Plans) 1799-1818 CTP(Pb) SP 443 05-31-2007 Download